Letter of Registration Certificate

Certified that under Karnataka societies Act 1960 (section 172 1960 Karnataka registration Act) a society by name

No. 23-24, Mezzanine Floor,
Shopping Complex, Jayanagar,

Registration Fees: Fifty Rupees.
This certificate has been signed in Bangalore this day the 28th February 1989
With Seal

(M. Krishnappa)
Registrar for registration of societies
Karnataka Govt.
Bangalore District


Memorandum of Agreement

1 NAME The name of the Society is “BAMBOO SOCIETY OF INDIA”
2 REGISTERED OFFICE The registered office of the society shall be situated in Bangalore city and the present address of situation is No. 23-24, Mezzanine Floor, Shopping Complex, Jayanagar, Bangalore-560011. INDIA
3 REGISTRATION The activities of the society shall extend to whole of India wherever development of Bamboo is to be carried out.
4 OBJECTS i) To undertake scientific study of all types of bamboos on all kinds of lands and promote, encourage and assist development of bamboos in all aspects including growing, research, education, marketing and trade of bamboo products.
ii) To seek and give assistance and co-operation on research and development of bamboos with all educational and scientific institutions.
iii) To encourage and sponsor research related to bamboo, its management, harvest, utilization and take up pilot projects based on the results of such research.
iv) To organize conferences, sponsor seminars, workshops, meetings, group discussions on all subjects pertaining to development of bamboo.
v) To acquire books, manuscripts, brochures, pamphlets, charts, journals, newsletters, scientific papers, films, computers and such modern media for purposes of collection of data and dissemination of the same on al aspects of bamboo.
vi) To organize training and extension, programme in planning, execution, harvesting utilization of bamboos and their products.
vii) To serve as consultants to various national and international organization on bamboo development.
viii) to undertake implementation of bamboo development project on behalf of any Government, company, or Corporation, whether private or public.
ix) To encourage and assist individuals, associations, groups, agencies and institutions, and affiliate with them in the promotion of the above objects.
x) To do or cause to be done any activities that are conducive to the attainment of the main objects of the society.
xi) To make appropriate recommendations to Government and other authorities on management of bamboos wherever found.
5 Authority to correspond The Executive Director of the Society is authorized to correspond with the Registrar of Societies in Karnataka, Bangalore. Mr. N. S. Adkoli shall be the Executive Director.
6   All the incomes, movable and immovable properties of the Society shall be solely utilized towards the promotion of its aims and objectives as set forth in the Memorandum of association and no profit thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividends, donations, profits or in any manner whatsoever to the present or future members of the society or to any person claiming through any one or more of the present or future members. No member of the Society shall have any personal claim on any immovable properties of this Society or to make any profit whatsoever by virtue of the membership. All the communications with regard to the affairs of the society shall be addressed to the Executive Director, Bamboo Society of India, No. 23-24, Mezzanine Floor, Shopping Complex, Jayanagar, Bangalore-560011.
7   The Governing Body shall be constituted in accordance with the rules of the Society. The name, Address, occupations of the present members of the governing body to whom the management and affairs of the society are entrusted as required under the Registration of societies Act. Are:-



Sr. No. Name and Address Occupation Designation
1 K. A Bhoja Shetty
952, J. P. Nagar, II Stage,
Retd. Forest Officer
2 A. Krishnaswamy
74, B.H.C.S. Layout,
Bannergatta Road,
Retd. Forest Officer
3 S.K. Varadraj
345, 1st ‘B’ Block
Bangalore – 560 011
Retd. Forest Officer Treasurer
4 H. Rajgopal Shetty,
530 A, III Cross, 3rd Main
R. T. Nagar,
Bangalore – 560 032
Retd. Forest Officer
5 B.K.C. Rajan
76. Nandidurg Extension
Bangalore – 560 046
Author, Forest consultant
Retd. Forest Officer
6 N. S. Adkoli
609, 1st Phase,
J. P. Nagar, 15th Cross,
Bangalore – 560 078
Retd. Forest Officer &
Executive Director
7 S.G. Neginhal
643, Kalpavrisha
9th Main, 2rd Cross,
IIIrd Stage, Basaveswaranagar
3rd Block, Bangalore – 560 079
Retd. Forest Officer &


Rules and Regulations

1. The Society shall be known as Bamboo Society of India.

2. The aims and objects of the society are set out in the Memorandum of Association.


In These Rules-
a) “Society” means Bamboo Society of India
b) “Act or Rules” means the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960 and Rules the-reunder.
c) “Governing Body” means the Body constituted under Rules-10 and to which the management and affairs of the Society are entrusted.
d) “State Chapter” means the Branch of the Society constituted for each State of India.
e) “State” means Karnataka and Indian State and includes Union Territories.

4. These By-laws shall be known as by-laws of the bamboo society of India and shall be applicable to state Chapters also.

5. The General Body of the society shall consist of Founder Members, Corporate members, Institutional Members, Life and Individual members.
The Founder Members are those who have agreed to subscribe to the objects of the society as mentioned in the Memorandum of Association. The Governing Body may admit others as Founder Members.

Any company, Private or Public or any Corporation, Financial Institution, Bank interested in the objects of the society can be admitted on such conditions including subscription, donation, grant and endowment as specified by the Governing Body.

The Governing Body may admit any Department of any Government in the Indian Union or any other country, University, Institute, Society or Organization interested in the Objects of the Society on Such conditions and on Such payment as it may decide.

Individuals may be admitted to the General Body as life members by the Governing Body on Payment of Rs.500/- as one time payment.

The Governing Body may admit individuals having interest in the objects of the Society on payment of annual subscription of Rs 50/- and such membership shall expire unless renewed within eighteen months of the last payment by a like amount.

The Governing Body may terminate Membership of any Member who fails to pay the subscription prescribed or fails to comply with any condition laid down or any cause like insolvency, moral turpitude, conviction for any criminal offence. Resignation in writing or for unsound mind. Any Member so terminated may be readmitted on fulfillment of such conditions that the Governing Body may stipulate.

The following shall be the office bearers of the society:-

7.1) Chairman: The first Chairman shall hold office for three years and shall continue in office till a new chairman is elected by the Governing Body. The first Chairman shall be Sri. K. A. Bhoja Shetty. Subsequent Chairman shall be elected by the Governing body and shall hold office for two years.

7.1.1 If the Chairman either resigns or is incapacitated for any reason within the prescribed term of office, the Governing Body shall elect a Chairman in his place either for the balance term or for a period of two years.

7.1.2 The Chairman when present, will preside over the meetings of the Governing Body He shall see that the affairs of the Society are run efficiently to meet the objects of the Society and in accordance with the Memorandum of Association, Rules, Regulations and By-laws of the Society.

7.1.3 The Chairman may take important decision of urgent nature between two meetings of the Governing Body and place such decisions before the next meeting of the Governing Body for consideration.

7.1.4 The Chairman shall have a casting vote during the meeting of the Governing Body in addition to his own vote.

7.1.5 The Chairman shall be the absolute authority to count and judge the validity of votes in any meeting of the Governing Body.

7.1.6 The Chairman may in writing, delegate his power to the Executive Director.

7.1.7 The Chairman may invite any person other than a member of the Governing Body to attend the meeting. Such invitee or invitees shall not be entitled to vote.

7.2) The Governing Body shall appoint an Executive Director from among themselves or otherwise for such terms and on such conditions as it may determine.

7.2.1 The Executive Director shall be responsible for preparation of operational and action plans and programmes of the Society and shall work for coordination and implementation of such plans and programmes. He shall supervise over and urn the day to day management of the Society.

7.2.2 The Executive Director shall assign duties to all functionaries of the Society and shall exercise supervisory and disciplinary control over them.

7.2.3 The Executive Director shall exercise his powers under the direction and control of the Chairman.

7.2.4 The Executive Director shall convene the meetings of the Governing Body, annual and Special General Meetings of the Society, prepare minutes and circulates them among members or other authorities.

7.2.5 The Executive Director shall sign all deeds and documents on behalf or the society.

7.2.6 He shall prepare and present reports to the Governing Body or other meetings of the society.

7.2.7 The Executive Director shall attend to all statutory requirements of the society and shall have authority to institute or defend legal suits or actions of the society.

7.2.8 The Executive Director shall report to the Chairman on day to day working of the Society and to the Governing Body on matters of policy of the society.

7.2.9 The Executive Director may delegate part or any of his powers and functions to any other member of the Governing Body or any official of the society with the approval of the Chairman.

7.2.10 The Executive Director may decide on remuneration, honoraria, perquisites, facilities and any benefits to be given to any member, officials or employees of the society or such auditors, lawyers or those engaged for the services of the society from to time.


The Governing Body shall appoint as treasurer, one Member of the Body for such periods as it may prescribe, who shall be responsible for the finances and accounts of the society.

8.1 The Chairman or Executive Director may delegate such financial powers as deemed fit from time to time to the treasurer for purpose of passing of bills, payments to be made on behalf of the society etc.,

9. Governing Body: Its powers and functions.

The first Governing Body shall consist of signatories to the Memorandum of the Society and shall hold office for four years from the date of registrations and shall continue in office till a new Body is elected by the General Body.

9.1 The Governing Body may co-opt as many additional Members as are necessary from time to time.

9.2 The subsequent Governing Body shall consist of 15 Members including the Chairman, Executive Director and Treasurer to be selected from among them.

9.3 The Governing Body will hold office for a period of 4 years and till elections are held on expiry of the term.

9.4 At least 4 out of the Founder Members shall be elected by the General Body by way of Maximum preferential votes.

9.5 The Governing Body shall be competent to till vacancies falling between two elections or appointments from among Members for the balance period before expiry.

9.6 The Governing Body shall have all the powers of the Management of the Society, over its officials, employees, assets and shall exercise or delegate any or all powers of the society to any of its office bearers or member form time to time.

9.7 The Governing Body shall appoint the Chairman, Executive Director and Treasurer from among them for such term and on such conditions that it may decide from time to time.

9.8 The Governing Body shall have Powers to make rules and Regulations, amend or repeal them from time to time for purposes of proper and smooth Management of the Society or administration of its employees.
9.9 The Governing Body shall have all Financial Powers of the Society, control over its assets and may by itself or delegation of such powers to any of its office bearers or members, collect, invest or spend all the monies of the society, acquire by purchase, gift or otherwise, maintain, transfer, lease, rent, dispose of or write off any mobile or immobile assets of the Society.

9.10 The Governing body may constitute Committees, Sub-committees, advisory bodies for such purposes and such periods as are necessary from time to time for any objects, purposes or functions of the Society and delegate such powers as are deemed necessary to any member of all of such committees or bodies so constituted.


10.1 The Governing body may raise funds by donations in cash or kind, subscriptions grant of money, securities, property of any kind and undertake and accept the management of any endowment, trust fund or donation not in-consistent with the objects of the Society.

10.2 The Governing body may invest funds of the Society not immediately required in deposit, in advance or in securities authorized under various laws in force from time to time for furtherance of the objects of the Society.

10.3 The Governing Body may provide grants subsidies and finances, directly or indirectly to individuals, institutions and agencies needing such assistance for such programmes as are related to the objects of the Society.

10.4 The Governing body may, from time to time, at their discretion for the furtherance of the objects of the Society, borrow moneys and for the purpose may authorize the Chairman/ Executive Director to borrow moneys at such rate of interest and in such form and manner and upon such security as shall be specified in resolution and thereupon the Chairman/Executive Director sha…., at their discretion, make all such dispositions of the Properties, movable and immovable, belonging to the Society and enter into such agreements, assurance, deeds and things in relation there to as the Chairman/Executive Director may deem proper for giving security for such loans and interests.


One third of the members of the Governing Body including the Chairman and other office bearers shall constitute quorum for the meeting.


Meeting of the Governing Body shall be held as frequently as are necessary, but at least once in six months on issue of a notice of atleast 7 days before the date and time of such meeting. In the absence of Chairman, a member present shall be selected for conduct of the meeting form among members present.


All members present shall have equal power to vote on any subject for any decision and the Chairman shall have a casting vote in case of a tie.


Any emergent business of the Society can be transacted by means of a circular resolution approved by a simple majority of members of the Governing Body. Such circular resolutions shall be placed before ensuing meeting of the Governing Body for retification.


The Governing Body may create and approve State Chapters of the Society, one for each State on such terms, functions and period as may be decided from time to time.

15.1 The affairs of the State Chapters shall be conducted as prescribed by the Governing Body and such state Chapters shall function as subordinates of the Society and shall report to the Governing body from time to time as prescribed on maters of their functioning, finances, projects, publications and all administrative matters. All such State Chapters shall have the same aims and objects as contained in Memorandum of Association.


The General Body of the Society consists of one representative nominated by each Corporate or Institutional Member, all Life and Individual Members of the society who have paid their subscription and every such member present during any meeting shall have the right of one vote.

16.1 The General body shall meet once a year for transacting the following business:

a) Passing of annual accounts.
b) Consideration of audit report,
c) Holding elections to Governing body or any vacancy therein whenever due.

16.2 A notice of 21 days shall be necessary for holding of general Meeting and a minimum of 7 days for an adjourned meeting.

16.3 At lease one fifth of the total members subject to a minimum of 15 members shall be the quorum for the general or special meetings but no such quorum is prescribed for an adjourned meeting.

16.4 The General Body shall review the working of the Society, consider the annual accounts and audit reports of the Society and make suggestions to the Governing body on matters concerning the meeting of the aims and objects of the Society.


i) The Society shall maintain proper accounts and other relevant records and prepare an annual statement of accounts in such forms as may be prescribed by the Governing Body.
ii) The Accounts of the Society shall be audited annually by a firm of Chartered Accountants to be appointed by the Governing body any expenditure incurred in connection with the audit of accounts of the society shall be payable by the Society.

iii) The audited statement of accounts together with the audited report will be placed before the Governing Body for consideration and approval and thereafter the same shall be put before the General Body.


Annual List of members of the Society shall be submitted to the Registrar of Societies as required under Section 13 of the Act.


The Society may sue or be sued in the name of Chairman/Executive Director and not on the name of other person, member or office bearer. Acts done in good faith by any office bearer, member or official shall absolve him from any legal liability in his individual capacity.


Any amendment to any objects or by-laws shall be made by the Governing Body from time to time and shall be placed for consideration before the Special Meeting or the General Body.


No act or proceedings of the Society or its Governing Body shall become or deemed to be invalid by any vacancy or any defect in the constitution of the Society, its Governing Body or any Committee or Sub-Committee of the Society.


i) Subject to the consent of the members of the General Body any number not less than three-fifth of the Members of the Society may determine that the Society shall be dissolved forthwith or at the time then agreed upon, and all necessary steps shall be taken for the disposal and settlement of the property of the Society, Its claims and liabilities, according to its Rules or as the Governing Body shall find expedient, provided that in the event of any dispute arising among the Members of the said Governing Body or the Members of the Society, adjustment of its affairs shall be referred to the Principal Court or original jurisdiction on Bangalore and the Court shall make such order in matter as it shall deem requisite, provided the Society shall not be dissolved unless three-fifths of the members shall have expressed a wish for such dissolution by means of their votes delivered in person. Or by proxy at a General Meeting convened for the purpose.

ii) If on winding up or dissolution of the Society there remain after the satisfaction of all the debts and liabilities any property whatsoever, the same shall not be distributed among the members of the Society but to any other society or Societies having similar aims and objects to be determined by the Members of the society.


All the provisions of the Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960, Rules made there-under (1961) and amended from time to time will apply to the Society.


The Financial Year of the Society shall be the calendar year i.e. 1st January to 31st December.

25. WORKING HOURS: From 8.00 A. M to 9.30 A. M and from 16.00 hours to 19.30 hours.