Booking of Seedlings


1. Tulda (Mritinga) Seedlings (about 4 feet sent as plants with naked roots and small rhizome , survival % 80) 11 /- per seedling .


2. Tulda seedlings about 2 feet tall sent as naked seedling , some plants with rhizomes ( 70% Survival) Rs 7/-


3. B.longispathus(Rupai) Seedlings 11/- ( about 4 feet tall sent as plants with naked roots and small rhizome , survival % 80)


4. B.longispathus(Rupai) Seedlings 7/- ( about 2 feet plants with naked roots with small rhizome , survival % 70)


5. Schizostachyum dullooa(Dollu) Seedlings 11/- (about 4 feet plants sent as naked roots with small rhizome , survival % 80)


6. T. oliveri (Kankaich) Rhizome 26/- per rhizome. Melocanna baccifera(Muli) Rhizome 10/- per rhizome


A) Minimum order 2000 plants . B) Naked root/rhizome plants will be sent by train to only places connected by train , well packed in thermocol boxes. Train takes 3-6 days depending on destination. Plants to be collected by buyer from railway station at your destination. Survival after planting is 80% for big plants and 70% for small plants . 10% extra plants will be sent to cover some mortality.


C) Bags for planting to be kept ready 2 weeks before planting date with ingredients ie Red earth : Sand : Farm Yard manure: Cocopeat to be at 2:1:1 :1 ratio , the mixture should be filled in half bag . Balance mixture to be kept ready for filling after planting the seedling. Keep bags and balance mixture in sun .


Plants to be transplanted into the bags same day they are received. Hence keep labor and ingredients and watering facilities ready before ordering .


After planting in poly bags water with Bavistin @ 2 gram per litre of water for first time . Next time onwards use normal water for watering.


Keep plants in shade first week , then 50% shade for 3 weeks. Then they can be slowly exposed to direct sun . Plants may be ready for planting in 3-6 months depending on growth .


Please contact BSI office +91 80-23469153