Booking of seeds


Check the availability of different Bamboo species seeds. Kindly place your indents immediately; once the monsoon starts bamboo seeds will not be available.


Fresh Tulda seed will be available in April-May 2023.
Please book in advance with BSI.
Cost Rs 4000/- per Kg ( booking advance amount to be paid 2000/- per kg ordered)
Viability of seed 30 days from collection . Hence only 10- 15 days available from date of receipt of seed . Pl note this very important point. Seeds shall be sown the same day they are received.
Germination % about 40%
Fresh Longispathus seed will be available in April -May 2023.
Please book in advance with BSI.
Cost Rs 7000/- per Kg
Germination % about 40% . Seed viability 25 days after they are received by buyer ( Booking advance to be paid Ra 3500/- per kg ordered. For less than 5 Kgs , full amount to be paid as advance ).
Both seeds will have one months viability. Hence seed sowing beds should be kept ready before ordering .seeds shall be collected from destination Railway Station or Airport the same day it’s received. Sowing in beds shall be done the same day . GPS video shall be sent to BSI for our record and understanding of procedures adopted .
Last date for booking in advance 31- March 2023 .
Contact BSI +91 80-23469153