First Pune Bamboo Festival 2020 –  Success of great teamwork!!!


Many people contributed to stupendous success. Selfless, focused, dedicated efforts from various stakeholders help keep the momentum of initiatives like this. It was a great show of exceptional work by many individuals for a common goal ‘Making Bamboo Bigger in the minds of one and all ‘.

A small step towards this overall objective was achieved in totality. All stakeholders were very happy –  Bamboo nursery, farmers, artisans, Burud community, small entrepreneurs, traders, established organisations, NGO’s, enthusiasts and the general public at large !!

The success is all the more bigger because this was a fruit of exemplary voluntary effort by a small team of core organisers led by Dr. Bedekar and Homanabadkar. Hats off to these two senior members who put in everything for the last 3 months. The team put in cent percentage of their respective efforts depending on the individual’s ability, time and resources. We should wholeheartedly acknowledge, honor and salute all such efforts – big or small. The positive energy which was seen amongst all of us was really inspiring and motivating each other to contribute more and more.

Such output was possible due to the variety of ideas, views, cautions, experiences, resources, connections put forth on the table.

The richness of the program was thanks to the hyper level of ‘Manthan’ ( sharing, discussing, debating, respecting individual views ) which happened all through the days of the preparation!

I feel the journey of making this event happen was more enjoyable, rewarding, source of great learning than the actual event.

After the success of this event we all should introspect and put down all the learnings, things gone right or wrong which will help us build a stronger organization !!!

Let’s salute the success achieved by our TEAM by keeping the organization and it’s objective much higher than individuals !!

Jai Bamboo!!!!